Kathryn Spurgeon writes inspirational historical fiction based on true stories. She delves into the past to discover how God helped people when they went through difficult situations.

The Promise Series follows one family who represents many who stayed behind in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl days.

PromiseFront Cover A Promise to Break, Faith, Love and Politics in the 1930s, is an historical novel about Sibyl Trimble, a well-to-do banker’s daughter who wants to help the poor, but falls in love with a destitute hobo. She struggles to decide between love and duty.

A Promise Child, Faith, Loss and Hope in the 1930s, the second in the Promise series, is also based in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Sibyl hopes to find value in becoming a perfect mother and house wife.  But do difficult things happen even while trying to do what is right?


These books are published by  Memory House Publishing LLC

Writing Accomplishments

Kathryn is a member of ACFW (America Christian Fiction Writers), Oklahoma Christian Fiction Writers, and Wordwrights, an Oklahoma City Christian Writers group.

She has published more than sixty articles with Edmond Outlook, Shawnee Shopper, and Her work has appeared in the Lutheran Digest, Moore American Newspaper, Hearts of Hope, Voices in Time and the Daily Oklahoman.She wrote a monthly column for several years called “Enhance Your Writing”.

Quiet Reflections of Hope published by Livingston Corporation, includes several of her devotionals, and a dozen of her stories are included in Ignite: A Heart for the Nations.

She has written for Arise Ministries  and Thanking Our Troops by Judy Howard, Dorcas Publishing, 2010.On the Writing Team of Henderson Hills Baptist Church, she helped publish 8 books, the last two A New Language of the Heart and Ignite: A Heart for the Nation

Other books include:

Jesus, One on One, forty devotionals from the book of Matthew. What if you saw Jesus face-to-face? Would you tremble in fear, shout for joy, or beg for mercy? Read about people who encountered Jesus and how he responded. He understood people’s hearts and responded to their specific needs in specific ways.


Love from the Inside Out, a  nonfiction book about some of the women I counseled while working with prisoners and what they taught about godly love.


anna-lee-coverAnna Lee, a story poem about young girl’s feelings of profound love, along with the agony of loss, and God’s healing. Follow Anna Lee as she struggles for value through a difficult time in her life. Her journey will touch your heart.




2 thoughts on “Author

  1. A lady after God’s heart for real in a world of uncertainly. She lives God, and she treats others with Love in all things.


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