New Poetry Book Released

Poetry story poem about Anna Lee, who falls in love and suffers loss before she finds peace with God.


Even then, should I rejoice?

  When opportunity brings joy, should I rejoice? When daybreak brings tranquility, should sadness enter in? What if around the world there’s pain? What if a mother’s under strain to feed her child? Should I rejoice, and laugh and play? When morning comes to brighten me while children play around my knee and my heart … Continue reading Even then, should I rejoice?

Poems about Progression

The Sugar Mule magazine published a couple of my poems. Thought I'd add these to my blog. KATHRYN SPURGEON Progression Sunlight, clouded by dark sunglasses, pours over the green grass and dipping hillsides where cattle wade in muddy waters, old barns crumble and barbed wire fences line dirt roads. It shrinks, the pasture where brush is plowed under. Bulldozers … Continue reading Poems about Progression

The Wonderland of Poets

The Phantom assured that such an island actually exists, and has from time to time been revealed to the gaze and trodden by the feet of favored mortals. Historians and philosophers may have their doubts, but its existence has been fully attested by that inspired race, the poets; who, being gifted with a kind … Continue reading The Wonderland of Poets