New Poetry Book Released

Poetry story poem about Anna Lee, who falls in love and suffers loss before she finds peace with God.


Historical Novel info from Mable’s book #historicalnovel

“I was 92 years old yesterday. . . and since time is getting short and I lay awake nights trying to remember certain things, I must get it down on paper.” This is how Mable Bennett Trimble, my great grandmother, started her memoir. Much information for my upcoming 1930's historical novel, A Promise to Break, … Continue reading Historical Novel info from Mable’s book #historicalnovel

“A New Language of the Heart” to be released this weekend!

HHBC writing team’s newest book, filled with life changing stories of international college students, will be released on October 7, 2013! Fifty stories have been collected. Fifty people from around the world who have been impacted by leaving their homes and moving to Edmond, Oklahoma, and attending the University of Central Oklahoma, have shared their … Continue reading “A New Language of the Heart” to be released this weekend!

Even then, should I rejoice?

  When opportunity brings joy, should I rejoice? When daybreak brings tranquility, should sadness enter in? What if around the world there’s pain? What if a mother’s under strain to feed her child? Should I rejoice, and laugh and play? When morning comes to brighten me while children play around my knee and my heart … Continue reading Even then, should I rejoice?