Guest at Book Release Party!

The 1930s party to release my novel, A Promise Child, is almost here! We’ll have a Special Guest at the party – Margaret Pope Akin, the first baby born in A Promise to Break, the first book in the series – and my mother! 1933 margaret pope (2)
Thought you might like to see her baby picture. The books about the Trimble and Pope families could not have happened without her help. She is a delightful, intelligent and godly woman.

This is as much Margaret Pope’s book as it is mine. She has a clear memory and has been willing to spend hours and hours discussing and dissecting the family history, the town of Shawnee back in the day, and the details surrounding life in the ‘30s. I hope you get a chance to meet her! 2007 Margaret 2

Enjoy the journey with Sibyl and Fremont as they live out the late 1930’s in A Promise Child.

More about Book Release Party


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