Exploring a Ghost Town

Last week I explored the ghost town of Waco for some final descriptions in my new book. In the early twentieth century, Waco had (at least) a post office, a grist mill, a blacksmith shop and a church.


Not much remains of Waco now, which was about ten miles west of Shawnee. A collapsed dug out. The Black Cemetery down the road where family members are buried. Then we found the rock foundation of the church on the corner of Okay and Waco Road!

I was overjoyed. I didn’t expect to find this much. The porch steps are almost covered with brush and weeds, but this church played an important role in the background of my family’s faith. You see, the Popes, my grandparents, homesteaded in Waco and donated five acres for the church building.

The Promise Child: Faith, Loss, and Hope in the 1930s, is the second book in this series. It follows A Promise to Break. Sibyl Pope, who seeks to be a perfect wife, mother and homemaker, experiences the worst of the Depression. A third child brings her joy and she sees God’s blessings. However a crisis occurs which helps her realize that God is with us through the trials, not just through the blessings.

Set from 1936 to 1939, this second book brings the town of Shawnee to life through the eyes of a strong-willed, educated young woman.

I enjoy exploring ghost-towns and Waco may just be the focus of my next series. I’m already researching.

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2 thoughts on “Exploring a Ghost Town

  1. I live a few miles north of black cemetery and Waco road. I would like to read this story when it is done. I am originally from Seminole and enjoy reading about Oklahoma history.


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