Thanks, Lawton, for supporting my book!

It’s been a couple of months since we had a book signing for A Promise to Break in Lawton, Oklahoma, but Gina Hinton is still tops. She has sold more books than anyone else since the book was first published!


It was a fun day! The staff at Salt Cellar, a Christian book store, were gracious and let us set up by the front door. They also told me that I had sold more books in a signing than anyone in their store! That was encouraging.


Even more encouraging are the many people from Lawton who read my book and said they loved it! I am still getting requests for the book and for the next book, (which is halfway finished!).

img_2013 img_2012

Since my last blog, we have posted A Promise to Break, a Christian historical novel, on several other sites:





The  book is also on KINDLE and AMAZON 

This journey has been exciting. I don’t know how to thank all the people who have supported me for A Promise to Break, but my gratitude increases every day!

You are loved,


One thought on “Thanks, Lawton, for supporting my book!

  1. Hello Kathryn, I’m wondering about your ancestry as my maiden name is Spurgeon and amazingly spelled the same as yours. I was born in Oklahoma and grew up in southern Missouri. Email me if you would like to follow up and see if we are related. I’ve just ordered your book and look forward to reading it!


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