1930s Book Release Party went Great!

My favorite part of the book release, besides the ‘actual’ books arriving by UPS, was preparing for the 1930s festivities! Some of my family got together and we dressed up in 30’s garb replete with pearls, lace gloves, and hankies. We looked like we stepped out of an old photograph downloaded from the Pott Country Historical Society. enhance

I was also overjoyed by the awesome friends that showed up. Special people from my past and present took time to come. High school friends, fellow writers, a former Sunday School teacher’s wife from Country Estates Baptist Church, and all in all, a sweet assortment of people I haven’t seen in a long time but who make up my circle of encouragers. I was touched. Kisses and hugs were in order.

Thank you to all who have blessed me. God has brought some amazing people to my life like Bonnie and Amber to help with the book. And many thanks to Mary Ruth who so graciously put this party together!  Oh, also our favorite guitarist played – Edgar Cruz! Can’t beat that!

enhance (4)enhance (9)enhance (3)enhance (7)

enhance (8)enhance (17)enhance (14)

Saturday at the book signing at the Historical Society was fun too!

I had helpers there too!


Love, love, love my team of supporters. Thank you all! Now I’m ready to work on the second book in the trilogy!.

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase A Promise to Break, Love, Faith and Politics in the 1930s, it’s on Amazon or find me at a book signing. And if you like the book, please say so on Amazon and Goodreads!

You are loved!





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