My last oxygen treatment for now

I spent my 40th hyperbaric oxygen treatment in silence. No movies. No music. Just two and a half hours of plain old prayer, meditation and dozing.

I never expected to get tired of movies because I’m a great fan of a good plot, but about the 30th flick in a row, Movieland became a bad sedative. Unable to sleep, I have grown adept at guessing plot endings.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw some great movies. Many of you suggested some terrific ones, from The Good Lie to Seven Pounds to Hugo. But enough is enough. Once in a while I need a break.

A few weeks ago, I meditated instead of watching a video. I was nervous at first. After all, two and a half hours is a long time to be immobile, barricaded in a small, clear cylinder with my own thoughts. But now I look forward to time alone with God. Although my thoughts wander, God is patient and brings me back to the conversation. So I’ve said it. My mind meanders. I’m unfocused. But God knows my scattered mind, and he patiently leads me to the lesson I need. Like reading Jude every day for a month, the book we studied at church. I learned a lot.

The treatments help. Cancer free for almost three years now, I do feel better. An unexpected benefit is that my chemo headaches are gone. I’m taking a break while insurance approves another twenty treatments. If that happens, I’ll reassess my list of unseen movies and look forward to a future once-a-week uninterrupted time with God.


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