Cancer: Feeling clean again

The Lord has been good! The two biopsies I took last week came back negative. No cancer! Also no cancer on the leg. All of me checked out clean, clean, clean. In fact, the doctor said I didn’t need to see him again for six months! That’s makes me feel like running a marathon. Well, maybe later.

The liver biopsy almost did me in. It hurt more than I expected for longer than I expected, so I am still recovering. Doc said it is probably a hematoma (bruise) from the laparoscopic biopsy that will take a bit longer to heal.

With the good news, I can now focus on improving my overall health. I lost a few more pounds. It seems that I lost a few pounds every time something came up, and something was always coming up. 🙂 Maybe the surprises are over. I can’t afford to lose any more weight. Now I have to figure out how to gain weight. Never thought I would have that problem! For once, I don’t think I will mind being a few pounds overweight as long as I am healthy. Made me look at weight a little differently.

I’ve been eating soft foods because of the digestive system inflammation side effect from radiation. Like potato soup with cream in it, boiled eggs with lots of butter, and added protein to smoothies. Whatever is easy to digest, has no sugar, and is fattening, I’m willing to try. Got any ideas on how to put on weight?

I knew for certain that God would heal me from cancer. How? Well, it dawned on me that either he would heal my body, or he would take me home to be with him where there is no cancer. Either way, I would be healed.

However, now it’s possible I may actually run that marathon some day.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. I know they made a difference. God encourages us to: “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24. And I certainly put my hope in him.


5 thoughts on “Cancer: Feeling clean again

  1. Protein shakes are good but not all of them sold in stores of course. Adding a banana and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter is one way to make a healthy shake with flaxseed and chia if you can find it.


  2. I join you Kathryn in giving God all praise and glory for your deliverance and total healing from cancer, and stand on His words

    for the doors to be closed to any cancer coming back and for your testimony to reach to the ends of the world with His hope and

    the truth he never changes and still heals. Janice Cordell


  3. Oh! Kathryn! I am so thrilled about the news. Still praying for you – continued health and improvement every day.

    Now, you’ve got to finish that book!! Love you, Bonnie



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