Kathryn Spurgeon

Poem: I Am Home

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Close my eyes and walk to heaven.
Enter in the pearly gates.
Greet with joy, Apostle Peter.
Smell and see and feel and taste.
Roam the streets, the bright light shining.
Loved ones greet me, everywhere.
Guide me to the mansion waiting.
Feel the presence, feel the care.
Walk into the throne of glory,
To the One who holds the truth.
Bow before the great Creator,
Kings of Kings, Lord of my youth.
In the presence of my Father,
See Him sitting on the throne,
Arms outstretching, I run to Him.
“Father, Father, I am home!”

by Kathryn Spurgeon
#2461 Published in Lutheran Digest Mar 2004


Author: Kathryn Spurgeon

Christian writer and speaker Memory House Publishing

One thought on “Poem: I Am Home

  1. I truly love this, Kathryn. You are so gifted.


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