A Chinese New Year

I’ve learned much through almost 10 years helping international students, but when I start to understand a culture, a new one pops into my world. These Chinese girls are fun, talkative, confident, and inquisitive. I love ’em.

Almost a foot of snow blew in from the skies and covered us overnight. Three days later, it remains, and may not go away for another week! Bill cleared a path through the sidewalk and the driveway. A white Chinese New Year is unusual, but it dampened the festivities, so we adjusted, changed plans.  

Instead of bringing the students to our house, we moved the party closer to campus. The House is within walking distance for most students. To celebrate the girls helped me make dumpling soup, egg rolls, rice. And Yeong made curry. A great meal to celebrate the day.

I am blessed. God has granted me dozens of the younger generation to surround me. And today, I’m at home with 5 grandkids. What a life! I wouldn’t change a thing.


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