Why Mate for Life?

So, what’s the secret?  Here’s a picture of a mom and dad raising their babies by the pond in my back yard. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them.

“Geese are  fastidious when it comes to loyalty. They’re well known for the long-term pair bonds they form. So what’s their secret? What makes these water birds so successful in their relationships, and why would geese mate for life?

As nice as it would be to attribute the birds’ success to their undying love for one another, it’s probably just pure and simple selfishness.

Just like human relationships, avian pairings involve a series of sacrifices and tradeoffs. Although the gander may be tempted to stray and arrange a few trysts on the side, doing so would leave his own partner vulnerable to other males. Such adulterous behavior could also incite his partner to either desert him or avenge herself by having a fling of her own — thus diluting his paternal contribution to the upcoming brood.

 In addition, time spent flirting with other geese takes away from the important task of helping to care for the young. Similarly, females tempted to stray risk alienating their mates and being forced to raise the brood alone. Unlike other animals such as reptiles, adult birds don’t just take off once the eggs are laid.”

(quote from howstuffworks.com)

Well, maybe that’s something to think about. God knew what he was talking about all along.


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