A great challenge for Christian missions is on the last page of Ignite, A Heart for the Nations.

  • We will go to the hard places and lift Him up. 
  • We will continue to mobilize young and old to fulfill the great commission.
  • We will minister to the nations that God keeps bringing to [us].
  • We will continue to pray, learn, listen, and step out of the comfort zones of our lives to do what might seem impossible to us, believing that there is nothing impossible for God.
  • We will make more mistakes and have times where we struggle, but we will do it together.
  • We will keep laughing and enjoying one another.
  • We will continue to preach the good news of our Lord because only the gospel has the power to transform.
  • We will continue to focus on the two things that will last forever, the Word of God, and the souls of men, until everyone has heard.

By Mike Wall in Ignite, A Heart for the Nations. Published by Henderson Hills Baptist Church, September 2009.


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